Brian Wright is a Chicago-based food and beverage photographer/director. He works with a diverse clientele, including major CPG companies, international fast-food chains, design firms, and ad agencies.

Brian has been shooting entire brand redesigns, OLV, POS, menu boards, national ads, and social media content in his 4000-square-foot studio in the West Loop and on location. We are showcasing some of these great projects, allowing you to see what Brian's images look like "in the wild.”

Brian is known for his ability to select the best crew for each assignment and his collaborative working style with clients. This creative synergy allows his studio to create beautiful and impactful images.

Visit Brian's website or follow him on Instagram to see more of his portfolio. If you want to ask about upcoming projects, you can contact Brian's agent, Emily Inman, at +1 312-343-9165 or email her.