Founded 20 years ago, FUZE Reps is a women-owned and operated, full-service management and production agency.

"We represent award-winning diverse photographers & directors, and CGI artists, offering customised expert support for each project's unique needs.

Our goal is to ensure smooth communication and technical execution, fostering meaningful relationships with artistic integrity at the core of our business. We constantly evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We handle all aspects of project management and production, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish and each project benefits from a team specifically tailored to its unique requirements.

We represent a wide range of creatives, from emerging talent to established artists, providing award-winning visual solutions.

Our team is committed to maintaining artistic integrity while delivering innovative and impactful visual content. At FUZE Reps, we prioritise fostering meaningful relationships and evolving with the industry's dynamic landscape. Our dedication to understanding and adapting to client needs ensures that we remain at the forefront of creative visual solutions."