Sigourney Whitesel Studio stands out as a top-tier creative force, celebrated for its innovative approach to brand storytelling through vibrant colors and imaginative design.

The studio, led by Sigourney and her dynamic team, has recently worked on some exciting projects with brands such as Malfy Gin, Food Thoughts and Rheal Superfoods. With a solid reputation in the food and beverage advertising industry, Sigourney has successfully driven campaigns for brands like Funkin' Cocktails, California Prune Board and Halo Top.

Their work is characterised by a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic, expertly blending diverse elements to bring products to life in a unique and engaging way.

Whether you're looking for stunning photography, captivating stop-motion animations, engaging videos, or irresistible user-generated content for social media, Sigourney Whitesel Studio is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.