Santa Fe, NM: Julien McRoberts

Julien McRoberts is a leading southwest photographer who has the unique ability to capture intimate cultural moments, places, and people without ever disturbing the scene. Her work is a stolen glance into an elegant but rustic southwestern home, an obscure Native American ritual, or a hot and dusty rodeo.

Her extensive travel experience helps her to know where and how to situate herself in order to find these unique moments. Born in the American West, this world is hardly foreign to Julien, who has lived in California, Colorado, and now New Mexico for the past 16 years. “I have the West in my blood,” she says, and she has the portfolio to prove it.

Julien is a rare breed in the industry; she has extensive executive-level business experience in the corporate and non-profit worlds. She is used to wearing many hats and brings this knowledge and commitment to her photography career.

Clients include, Sunset Magazine, New York Magazine, Popular Photography, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, and New Mexico Magazine.

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