AWARDS 2020 Nov 2020

New Zealand: Bas van Est

Title: Adonis at Home

"This is Adonis Duvergel, posing in the bedroom of his family home in Old Town Havana, Cuba.

I had an extra day in Havana after finishing with a shoot for Kathmandu and talked to New Zealand stylist Elois Morin, also in Havana at the time, about doing a small project together.

She had spotted Adonis from across her balcony one day and asked if he was keen to be part of the shoot. He happily invited us into his home, introduced us to his family, and kindly offered up his wardrobe for Eloise to style him with.

This picture is a moment between changing outfits, a confident gaze framed by the surroundings of the bedroom he had lived in his whole life."

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