AWARDS 2020 Nov 2020

Myanmar: Zay Yar Lin

Title: The Game of Jumps

"The photo was taken at the Hsinbyume pagoda which is a large pagoda located on the northern side of Mingun in the Sagaing Region in Myanmar, on the western bank of Irrawaddy River. The pagoda was built by King Bagyidaw in 1816, it was constructed in memory of his senior wife, princess Hsinbyume. The whole pagoda was painted with white and it attracts many tourists today.

When I visited the Hsinbyume Pagoda in Sagaing in December 2019, I noticed some novices playing on the wavy curves of this wonderful white pagoda. The scene is so eye-catching as the novices are wearing red robes and the white pagoda contrasts with the blue sky behind. I decided to take some shots and asked the novices to keep playing and jumping for a while. I used a fast shutter speed to freeze them at the right moment. I was happy as I was able to record the powerful moment and joyfulness of the novices, who were just kids and playful."

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