AWARDS 2021 Sep 2021

London: Charlie Chich Photography

Title: A Journey

"Upon seeing that the twins had dyed their hair blonde, I messaged them immediately due to a concept I’d had in my head for over a year.

Our two-hour journey to the shoot location turned into seven hours due to a four-hour breakdown but, eventually, we arrived at our location by sea on the edge of the New Forest, in the middle of nowhere, in complete darkness. 

What we awoke to can only be described as a preternatural paradise. Running off pure adrenaline at seeing our new surroundings we sprang out of bed at 5:30 am, with the early morning sun regally dancing off our faces accompanied by the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore. 

We headed straight to our savanna-like shoot location. 

Within the image I wanted the twins (Kevin & Karl) to embody love, loss, peace, duality and hedonism... not a big ask at all! The moment before the photo was taken came eerily naturally and organically, I hardly had to think or direct the twins as we were so in sync. This image couldn’t have been achieved without the pure chemistry we’d built between each other despite this being the third time we’d met. The environment was our canvas and the twins were my illustration, together, in pure synergy. 

As the shadows from the sun lined up and I composed my shot, the twins as if by telepathy, fell into the exact pose my imagination had been craving."

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