AWARDS WINNERS 2018 Nov 2018

Vienna: Evelyn Bencicova

Title: Luxury - from the '(an)organic' series

"This picture, titled Luxury, is part of the (an)organic series. (an)organic explores the history and purpose of still life as a genre. Still life is not just a random constellation of objects, its choice and composition defines the person who owns it or at least the way of presentation to the public.

Animals display their human-like characters through the interaction with their surrounding- still life compositions creating the landscape they find themselves in. In typical fashion for the genre, every subtle detail contains a meaning, a metaphor hidden between the fruit or in the  piece of meat. The sphynx cat, the symbol of the rich, sitting fat and comfortable not paying attention to the tasty, delicate dishes served on the table - it represents 'Luxury'."

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