AWARDS WINNERS 2018 Nov 2018

London: Sam Bénard

Title: Greyhound

"This shot is part of a series which aims to do justice to the greyhound, and its embodiment of pure power and elegance. It is also a technical exercise; to freeze a precise moment, capturing it with three cameras at the same time with alternative angles from above and head on.
Initially, the plan was to use a laser trigger to sync the firing of cameras and flash, but due to unforeseen technical and weather issues, I had to completely change my approach and shoot in pitch darkness in order to capture the set of images.

I went through the GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) to find an approved trainer and assess the conditions in which the dogs were kept. This particular trainer has their own retirement kennel to ensure all their retired racing greyhounds are either well looked after by them or re-homed.

This photograph marked a defining moment in the progression of my photography and I am delighted it was recognised by the Spotlight Awards."

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