: Saddington and Baynes - CGI & Post-Production - London [UK]

Saddington & Baynes is widely recognised as one of the world's leading print post-production studios. Known for automotive retouching, the firm was a pioneer of digital retouching in the 90s.

As one of the very first to realise the creative potential of CGI for print, it has been instrumental in developing the new workflow and introducing it to the industry. It combines creative flair, technical skill and top-class experience in automotive retouching, and has developed a unique methodology that takes CGI into the advertising mainstream for print.

When asked to describe what is different about their approach, S&B say, 'Photographic technique is at the core of what we do. We can create high-quality images from any supplied 3D data, or use 3D modelling to generate "products" - be they cars, planes, bottles or pack shots - and then seamlessly place them into any background, whether it's a CG-generated studio or photographic location.'

The company's motto is: 'We understand the you don't have to'.

Please contact Chris Christodoulou.

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