: [Germany]: Romer Fotografie

Stephan Romer is a freelance photographer with over 17 years professional experience. For more than 10 years he has focussed his work on high-end car photography, with shoots taking him all over the world.

On location he loves working in extreme conditions, pushing the limits to get the best possible results. But, as the photographer himself says "Sometimes it's nice to have the light under control in the studio".

Some of his recent projects have included the Porsche Cayenne GTS, shot in Spain (Campaign and Catalogue), the Porsche "Modelle" range, shot in Chile (Campaign), and the Volkswagen After Sales Program (studio work).

An extraordinary project was the "United" shoot for the Volkswagen AG. A former military air base was the playground for 6 weeks of catalogue shooting. Graphic elements and shelters were the background for these unusual pictures. 120,000 watt/second of brand new BRON equipment transformed the whole area into a huge outdoor studio.

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