Hamburg: Tom Nagy

A childhood dream came true for Tom Nagy as he and his team photographed 20 ad motifs for the latest Swiss global advertising campaign. Shooting background scenes in New York, the remaining images were shot in brilliant sunshine at Zurich Airport. The production involved a lot of technical support and logistical help from Swiss crew and airport staff. Post production on both 2D and 3D images was completed by Zoot and Zerone, with production handled by Mel y Mel in Zurich.

Tom also shot an ad for Samsung and a personal series on the Italian coast. He also developed four new motifs for Publicis and the current Zürich Versicherung campaign. Images were shot in Texas, California, Italy and Switzerland. The diplomatic skills of Team Halprin who were supervising the production were put to the test with lighting equipment, crew and numerous talents all packed into the security area of an active refinery.

Tom is now represented by Marlene Ohlsson.

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