Los Angeles: Sean Klingelhoefer Photography

2015 ended in a flurry of shoots for Sean Klingelhoefer, including flyaway jobs to Prague for Skoda, Tokyo for Motorhead Magazine and Germany’s famed Nürburgring circuit for Toyota. While the images can't be shown just yet, what we can show is equally as exciting.

Back in September Sean was invited by Porsche to attend the fifth running of Rennsport Reunion, or what the brand bills as “the largest gathering of Porsches on earth!” The setting for the event was Monterey’s beautiful, world-renowned Laguna Seca Raceway. Nearly 60,000 people came from all corners of the globe to see historic Porsche racecars in action.

As a Porsche enthusiast himself, this once-every-four-years gathering is a must-attend event for Sean and the images featured in this Spotlight offer a glimpse into the mind of a truly car and light-obsessed individual. These photos are a small sample of a larger collection of images that will be distributed in book form later this year.

Sean was called back to the streets of San Francisco for Chevrolet’s all-new 2016 Volt. Working with one of his favourite creatives, Sean shot a series of images that encapsulate the Volt lifestyle focusing on sophisticated light play and minimal retouching to give the authentic feel his work is known for.

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