Cape Town: Christopher List

"We live in a world of visual stimulation, where what we imagine and even what we believe is influenced by the visual constructs that surround us. I want to create images that instantly connect, evoking emotion and spurring conversation and discussion, so that the viewer is left inspired and perhaps, even with a changed perception.

I am a Namibian-born German, a south-west African country of desolate open spaces bathed in deep sunset oranges and yellows. This rich contrast permeates my images; it is my birth right and is as inseparable from me as my camera. I’ve spent the last 20 years obsessed with not only capturing an image I see in my mind’s eye, but exploring its potential – understanding light, art and emotion.

As a fan of Sci-fi-like landscapes, the sleek lines of supercars and a deadly interest in concept art, Automotive Photography for me is the perfect balance between art and design."

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