Sydney: Richard Furhoff

"As a professional photographer, I’ve been taking pictures for a very long time now, (over 20 years in fact), and have split a large chunk of those years living and working in Canada, the USA and Australia. As a result, I have come to know a thing or two about this industry and can offer a uniquely global perspective. And some pretty cool accounts have used my images along the way, including Mercedes-Benz Canada, Mercedes-Benz USA, Volkswagen USA, Lexus, General Motors, Volvo, Subaru, Peugeot and Peterbilt Trucks.

"The global village allows me to collaborate with amazingly talented colleagues and digital artisans from around the globe, with whom I have met and come to know. Together we can bring just about anything you can imagine to life.

"We do our very best to create outstanding visual content and achieve results that are sensitive and responsive to the needs of our clients. We strive to provide them with outstanding quality and value. These aren’t just words we put here to impress prospects, but an ethic we live by - because first and foremost we are all artists, and as artists, we are always seeking opportunities to make outrageously good work. Just because..."

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