Canary Islands - Spain: Jacques Mezger rep. by Aproductions

Jacques Mezger is a Swiss car advertising photographer based in the Canary Islands. He has been involved in many car shoots and various TV commercial projects for companies such as Lincoln, Porsche, Land Rover, Audi, Nissan, Seat and more.

His knowledge of the incredible variety of landscapes on the seven islands gives security to his clients to quickly find the right - and best - location: 15 km of motorway without traffic, volcanic black rock landscapes, modern buildings and roads that hug the coastline are just some of the many features to uncover.

Last year, Jacques was in charge of the location department for the movie 'The Fast & Furious 6' on Tenerife (this is where the famous tank chase scene on the motorway was shot). Currently, the tax incentives for film and audiovisual production and the eternal springtime weather make the islands extremely attractive for shooting.

To be able to deliver the best quality, Jacques' images are carefully crafted using a medium format camera in collaboration with retouching artist Patrick Bras (Eclipsebcn) and 3D artist JM Vega (Placentastudio). Together they can offer both CGI and car photography in real locations.

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