Los Angeles: Elizabeth Gonzalez Mathews

Elizabeth loves to bring her sense of whimsy to her set through her art direction, styling, and photography. Her work is vibrant, happy, and full of life. With strong attention to detail she combines food, models, and props to create images and animations for her clients. 

Recently due to the Covid19 situation, she has begun to revisit and work on her personal projects which had been on hold for lack of time. One of her favourite and ongoing projects involves vintage cat figurines which she brings to life through the sets she creates for them. While many things have slowed down recently due to the pandemic, Elizabeth has been able to work from her home studio remotely for her clients.

One of her most recent projects includes working with Sunkist. Some of her other clients include Goodie Girl, Hilary’s Eat Well, Happi Foodi, Revele, and Yelp. She specialises in creating commercial photography used for print, digital, and packaging.

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