London - New York: Brent Herrig

"Hello, culinary creative!

Engaging your audience and breaking through the noise is a true art. With the ultimate aim to halt the digital scroll, captivating visual content is key. As a seasoned specialist in creating vibrant cinemagraphs, dynamic parallax, expressive stop-motion, and lively animated gifs, I've successfully spearheaded numerous digital campaigns that piqued audience interest for my clients.

Through Brent Herrig Creative, I am committed to helping you satisfy your clientele by capturing and transforming their vision into tangible, visually stunning results. Esteemed brands such as Belvedere Vodka, Chandon, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Shake Shack entrust me to consistently deliver their vision for food, drinks, portraits, and hospitality in the most collaborative and seamless way possible.

Intrigued to discover how I can elevate your next project? Get in touch directly to discuss your creative aspirations and let's transform them into compelling visuals together. Book your free discovery call today!"

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