The Americas: Red Creek Productions

Instead of showing a sampler of productions or showcasing locations from around the entire American continent, whiich they cover, Red Creek is showcasing their incredible abilities with a photo essay of a job done a while ago but still impressive in its ambition and technical challenges: Lotus Code. This shoot required 40Km of train tracks, a train, two helicopters, microwave transmitters and stunt doubles hanging from helicopters and running on top of speeding trains. Click on the feature to see the imagery.

Red Creek Productions and its team of producers, filmmakers, and photographers cover the Americas from offices around the hemisphere, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay and NYC. The Red Creek team's combined knowledge of the region makes them one of the best resources and a reliable first call. Whether you need to understand the local rules in Chile, find a Russian arm in Argentina, where to shoot "London" in the Southern Hemisphere, or where to film wheat in March, they have you covered; on productions of any size, film, TV or photography.

Red Creek's clientele is a who-is-who of the best companies in the world: from Apple to Kenzo, Amazon to Hermès, Audi to Nike, Coca-Cola to P&G.

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