Mexico: Encinta

Encinta is a full-service audiovisual production company based in Guadalajara, Mexico, that covers all the necessary processes of each project; from the creation of the concept and the development of the script to the logistics and coordination of each of the necessary components, to carry out a flawless execution.

Every team is made up of the best men and women united to execute any idea to perfection. Development, formulation and realization of ideas to generate an audiovisual work managing economic resources, coordinating staff (artistic and technical), equipment and facilities, tools and materials necessary for its completion.

Once the total recording of the project is finished, cleaning starts and the assembly of the material begins: selecting the best shots to align them to the most organic rhythm that the project requires generating final products professionally.

Some of their clients: Dove, GOC Makeup, Hellman’s, Quickbooks, Tequila Teremana, ITESO, C&A, CLIP.

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