Spain - Colombia - Sweden: Minded Factory

MINDED is a creative production company dedicated to the creation of film, commercial, and music video productions. Counting with various international directors and DoPs, MINDED can develop a production from scratch and see it through until the last touches in post-production.

Their directors have shown their artistic point of view in many different productions around the globe. Among them is Simon Brand, who has directed commercials for high producing companies such as Pepsi, BMW and AT&T. Becoming a successful director has led him to winning awards.

Brands like Volkswagen, Google, and Melitta have confided in director Myoung Hun Oh to achieve their vision. His skillful composition of imagery and music adds a unique character to each of his projects.

Contemporary cinematographer Birgit Bebe has worked on films like Blood Diamond, Bourne Ultimatum, Eat Pray Love, and Inglorious Basterds which furthered her passion for cinematography.

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