Chicago: Colgan Photographic

Colgan Photographic is a diverse studio with over 25 years of experience in commercial photography working with a wide variety of businesses around the globe, from small to medium sized corporations to Fortune 500 companies.

Mitch Colgan is known for his location photography capabilities and is based in the Midwestern State of Illinois in the USA. Mitch has been commissioned on annual reports, advertising and editorial assignments all across the US and in more than 25 countries on six continents. He and his team have been put in some of the most extreme shooting conditions imaginable: from the heat and humidity of remote regions of the Amazon to the subzero temperatures of Northern Canada.

Before starting his photography career Mitch has experience working in construction, farming, and the petroleum industry. He is as comfortable photographing a CEO from a Fortune 500 company as he is creating images of a cattle farmer in the middle of a feedlot.

"Before making your choice on a photographer for your next assignment be sure to reach out to Mitch."

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