Mannheim: Fabian Hensel

Fabian Hensel is an experienced photographer specialising in portrait, industrial and corporate photography. His passion for photography began already in his youth. After graduating from high school, he studied photography and media design in Berlin and worked as an assistant for well -known photographers. Over the years, he expanded his skills and knowledge to become an expert in his field.

In industrial photography he is known for capturing the beauty and complexity of the the industrial world through his pictures. He has an impressive ability to combine architecture, technology and workforce in his pictures.

As an experienced corporate photographer, he uses his skills to capture the essence of brands and to communicate their message to final customers. He collaborates with companies and organisations to create images that represent their products, services and core values. His images are appealing, professional, and always have a clear visual identity that supports the company's brand and image.

As a portrait photographer, Fabian Hensel is known for capturing his customers’ personality and character in his pictures. He works closely with them to ensure that the result meets their expectations and highlights their individual beauty and uniqueness. His portraits are energetic and expressive and create a strong emotional connection with the viewer.

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