DIRECTORS & D.O.P.s Mar 2017

Tel Aviv: Avi Karpick

For the past 30 years, Avi Karpick has worked internationally as a director of photography and director, with shoots across both film and commercials in every corner of the world. Over the years, Avi has perfected his precision and pace, focusing on the unique niches that best suit his skills

Avi divides his work into four categories: direction and execution of table-top demos for food products; TV commercial director; director of photography; and underwater photographer and direction.

Avi surrounds himself with a world class team that maintains a flawless work environment. His production team includes a range of highly competent experts, from food stylists and mock-up artists to an advanced special effects units working across three studios in Israel and Budapest.

Avi and his team's philosophy: "in order to serve viewers food that truly awakens their taste buds, we must exemplify great taste ourselves."

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