Hamburg: prolightrent

prolightrent (PLR) supports photographers and film-makers with excellent and well maintained camera and lighting equipment. 

Latest equipment includes:

  • More pixels in medium format cameras with Phase One Backs including the IQ140 P65+ and IQ180, as well as the Leica S2.
  • Responding to the pro video functions of many DSLR cameras, prolightrent offers an increasing amount of film equipment - DSLR rigs with monitors, the new Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro, and sound recording with the Zoom H4n.
  • PLR also offers continuous lighting from Arri, Briese and Ianero as well as LED panels.
  • prolightrent goes underwater - the aqua housing for the Canon 5d Mark II offers full function control from outside.

The company's dropbox offers equipment pick-up and return anytime.

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