Hamburg: prolightrent

prolightrent, the first choice for professionals in Hamburg, provides maximum support for professional photographers/filmmakers and their productions with excellent, well-maintained cameras and lighting equipment. The company is always in a position to offer the very latest gear beacuse of continuous investment.

Recent equipment additions include:

  • Phase One Backs IQ 140, IQ 260, IQ 180.
  • Hasselblad H4x Bodies.
  • Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses (CP.2) from 21mm-85mm for Canon EF and PL Mount.
  • TecPro Felloni LED Panel with batteries.
  • Inovativ Location Cart.
  • Arri M40/25.
  • Profoto B4 battery pack.
  • Briese 2kw Tungsten.
  • Bron Umbrellas Para 88, 177, 222

The company's dropbox offers equipment pick-up and return at any time. prolightrent also sells all kinds of equipment. Visit the website for more information.

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