London: Mike Figgis

London-based Mike Figgis is a writer, director and composer with roots in experimental theatre and music, just two of the primary influences that contribute to the creative vision in all of his feature films and documentaries. Mike has emerged as a visionary filmmaker who thrives on taking artistic risks. Although he has been at the helm of ‘mainstream’ movies including ‘Internal Affairs’ with Richard Gere, the British-born filmmaker has exhibited his more eclectic personal style in such films as ‘Stormy Monday’ and ‘Liebestraum’.

Agent Provocateur commissioned Mike in 2006 to portray Kate Moss in her first acting role, resulting in four unique online films: Shadows, Scale, Exhibitionist and Narcissus. In 2007, Pavilion Books published ‘The Four Dreams of Miss X’, presenting the scripts and images from the films.

Mike continues to make films, documentaries, adverts and art installations, as well as playing regular music gigs.

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