Berlin: Mika Ceron

Mika Ceron studied photography and started his carreer as a fashion photographer in 1996, working mainly in advertising for fashion brands and campaigns.

Mika loves to create scenarios illuminated with light and props. His technical infrastructure is based on the newest Phase One Digital Camera IQ260. From flashes to hair and make-up trailer and Akku generated fog machines, he also has several set constructions in his own stock. Mika has developed a system of big backdrops (up to a scale of 12m) for unique set constructions, while his post-production department offers retouching, pre-press and proofing as a full service to every client.

Clients include Nike, Blacky Dress, Jean Paul, New Yorker, Quicksilver, Anna von Griesheim, EMI, Ministry of Sounds, Egena Goldpfeil, Bucherer and many more.

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