Mexico: City 3D

City 3D is the first company in Latin America to provide the latest technology in 3D stereoscopic production. It offers top-of-the-line equipment and human resources to provide a complete service, including 3D conception, production, post production and projection for live events or 3D theatres.

The company has dedicated much of 2011 to recording live events including theatre, concerts and sports as well as documentaries all in 3D. In this Spotlight the company presents videos that were shot with full stereoscopic technology (two digital film cameras, matched lenses mounted in 3D beam splitter rigs).

The videos had to be converted into anaglyph viewing mode so that viewers wouldn't require a 3D monitor or projector. With the conversion there is a substantial loss of colour rendering, which explains why they are shown in black and white. The 2D reference is shown in full colour.

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