: Sao Paulo: Stela Morato

With a degree in architecture from the Universidade de São Paulo, Stela Morato's proximity to photography comes from four generations of Italian-Brazilian filmmakers. Her passion for gastronomy was born in her Tuscan grandparents' kitchen and fed by constant trips to open markets in search of the perfect ingredients.

Specialised in studio photography and cinema lighting, Stela has worked with large and medium scale productions, leading her to fund her own studio in 1985. The installations were built with cooking facilities in mind.

When she is not taking photos, she coordinates production of food for advertising films and writes about gastronomy and travel for a range of magazines. Kids and animals are a favourite subject of her work.  

Clients include: Nestle, Nissin Ajinomoto, Pão de Açucar, McDonald's, Perdigão and Mistral.

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