: Copenhagen: Mikkel Adsbol

Mikkel Adsbol has been a photographer for 10 years. He has a great passion for food and works for many of the leading Danish advertising firms and magazines. His 180 m² Copenhagen-based studio is equipped with a large professional kitchen designed by chefs, for chefs.

"Food is an amazing field to work in because food speaks to several senses at once," says Mikkel. "The ultimate challenge is to shoot food in a way that almost brings the aromas out in the picture; after all, a food shot is never just a food shot. It can make a big difference whether the photo is for an editorial medium or a commercial client. It's a gift to be allowed to convey the sensuous pleasure that food by definition possesses. Food is, after all, about pleasure, social relations, mouth-watering delights and energy for the body. It's great to work in such a life-affirming area".

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