London: Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas is a London-based food and still life photographer. One of the things she loves about her job is the diversity: whether she's shooting editorial or advertising, she loves the challenges that different areas of work offer.

Karen has recently been on the receiving end of cascading salads courtesy of McDonald's, overdosed on the amazing dishes cooked up by Sunil Vijayaker for a sumptuous Indian recipe book, reluctantly been filmed working with the significantly less camera shy GIzzi Erkine on a Lion Egg PR shoot, and stood on one leg whilst taking a picture of fibre optic lights at the request of her HSBC art director.

Karen is very precious about her work and the passion and dedication she spends on her images is evident in her portfolio. Just as importantly, Karen and her many teams of food and prop stylists enjoy providing a warm and comfortable atmosphere for a beautiful shoot.

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