Los Angeles: Charles Imstepf Rep. by 46 Pictures

Charles Imstepf was born to a chef/sommelier father and a design mother in Zurich, Switzerland. A decade later the family moved to Pasadena, California. Leica became his best friend and the lens through which he began the pursuit of a photographer.

Imstepf's path to directing follows from a photo-entrepreneur, photojournalist, top-secret aerospace engineering photographer, and finally to commercial photography for advertising. Charles discovered great success courting and shooting for advertising clients like Burger King, Mars, Dole, Nestle, Herbalife, Baskin Robbins, Kelloggs, Thermador and Pedigree.

Charles is revered as the Rembrandt of tabletop for his signature lighting and atmospheric designs. This is exemplified in the ethereal beauty of his method and approach to the food/liquid subject. Being at one with the action, reaction and response is a big part of the creativity seen in his work. Charles' images range from the understated to the extreme in colour palette and lighting.

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