New York: Adrian Mueller

Great chefs and mixologists know that less is always more and complex tastes can be derived from a limited selection of ingredients. Adrian Mueller captures this adage of the culinary world exquisitely with his minimalist approach to food and drink photography, accentuating only the essentials and in turn elevating the image from mere food to art.

Adrian’s hypnotic shots unite light and shadow with captivating ease, giving these still life images an alluring depth. The following visuals demonstrate both Adrian’s observant eye for compelling juxtaposition and impressive mastery over the art form of liquid and food photography.

His passion for meticulous detail is reflected in his ability to produce imagery that is both aesthetically appealing and relatable.

Adrian’s latest cookbook ‘PLANTLAB’ won Best Photography (United States) and Best Vegan Cookbook (United States) at this year’s Gourmand Cookbook Awards in Paris.

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