Munich: food und text studios

Munich-based food und text studios is every foodie, editor and agency’s dream team! Christopher Tech and Hans Gerlach shoot elaborate food videos, charming stop motion animations, and tempting food images.

The studios are set up with locations for both large and small photo and video productions, as well as a test kitchen which is every food stylist‘s dream. With their highly qualified team, Christopher and Hans specialise in everything about food - they love to find the perfect feel and light for every new assignment.

Recent work includes the relaunch of all packaging for Goldsteig Dairy, recipe development and image production for mineral water springs Adelholzener, food videos, recipes and influencer workshops for Weihenstephan and Kneipp Cosmetics, still life and food videos for Bosch and Siemens home appliances, Gervais and De Watère Champagne.

food und text studios is proud to work on a regular basis for some of Germany’s leading editorial clients, including Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, BEEF! and Meine Familie & ich. Often, these food productions include both text and recipe development.

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