California: Ted Thomas

"Zero Cool is early 80's techie-slang for something extraordinary, transcendental and magical. At times, what we do here at Zero Cool is magical - whether it's by lighting, production schedule or the sheer will of the photography Gods.

Fortunately, the past 20 years as a commercial photographer have been shaped and nurtured by those Gods. After all this time I can pretty much tell you only one thing for sure: I LOVE what I do! And since I am also an obsessive foodie, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to combine my two passions into my work.

In these 20 years I have photographed cocktails for Chronicle Books, coffee for Starbucks, protein bars for 24hr Fitness, wines for Ambrosia and all types of goodies for Safeway, Sur la Table and Cost Plus World Market. I’ve also shot all kinds of product for retailers such as Smith and Hawkin, Sunglass Hut, Discovery and Amazon.

Great food is like a great photograph - it's not about the food itself, but about the emotions that you remember from each bite."

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