Chicago: Anthony Tahlier

"My work spans many different genres - from shooting people to focusing on things we wear, the things we eat, to the places we live, to the things we love, and the things we crave. I love to capture it all.

People ask me to help them tell stories through a lens. I can do that - I love it. I spend my time shooting in and out my studio, and travelling when requested. I travel for fun when I can because I believe personal time is essential. I prefer to be outside. I try to surround myself with good hearts.

I love all kinds of music. I like pretending that I can play guitar. I often find myself staring in awe at my boys. I think my wife is cool as hell. Having grown up three blocks from Lambeau Field, I will always bleed green and gold. I will always have dogs. I love video games but never play. I will always want birds in my house but will never have one as it would make me sad. I want my boys to be older for certain things but I don't ever really want them to grow up. I will probably never be satisfied with my landscaping and garden. I will always want the feeling of a workout without any of the exercise.

I will always cringe at the act of explaining myself and then end up rambling on and on and on and on and on..."

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