Copenhagen: Soren Gammelmark

To Søren Gammelmark, photography is a passion. He will go to the extreme to make the perfect picture, a picture that communicates exactly what the client wants.

Søren Gammelmark Photography is based in Aarhus, Denmark but only part of his work is made there. Søren will often pack up the entire studio and set up on location - sometimes because the location is important for the picture, otherwise because it is better for the client. What matters for Søren is that the picture is great, and the client is happy.

To Søren, detail is very important - he wants everything to be perfect. When shooting food and drinks he strives to make the viewer feel the atmosphere around the food, so they think they can smell and taste what can only be seen. 

Clients include Weber-Stephen Products, Morsø, Bang & Olufsen, Scanpan, Beoplay, Hoptimist, Dynaudio, Der Feinschmecker and Gastro.

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