San Francisco: Samantha Wolov Photography

San Francisco-based photographer Samantha Wolov (b. 1984) began her art career at the age of sixteen months when her mother would line the shower walls with paper and allow her to finger-paint murals in the bathtub, naked.  This love of art would eventually become a degree in Art History from American University in Washington, DC. The comfort with nudity would eventually become a brief-but-successful stint in erotic photography.

Wolov, a self-taught artist, now shoots fashion and beauty imagery for editorial clients like FantasticsMag, Glass Magazine, and San Francisco Magazine, among others.

She prefers a clean, elegant aesthetic with deliberate color palettes as reference to the great artists she had studied in school, while maintaining a suggestion of just the slightest taste of subtle eroticism.  Wolov sees herself as a "mad scientist" of sorts when developing stories, constantly drawing from the extensive visual vocabulary her unique background has afforded.

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