Chicago: Robb Long

Robb Long understands the importance of delivering a strong and consistent brand image, whether his role is photographer, director of photography, or commercial director.

Robb collaborates with his clients to craft a creative vision for every shoot. With a clear concept in place, he then sets the artistry in motion. Robb works with a top-notch production team, overseeing every aspect of the shoot. He is comfortable giving the talent direction and then letting the scene unfold organically. 

"Image follows image. Stories unfold. Photographs tell a brand’s story."

Some of Robb’s most recent clients include Olson, Fulton Beer, Hennepin County Medical Center, Pixel Farm Digital and Sanford Health.

Robb is represented by Katie Swanson: 773-580-7853. He's represented on the West Coast by Engwall Reps: 310-382-0099.

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