Amsterdam: Marc van Oene

"After studying chemistry, a small misstep, I decided to make photography my profession. I went to art school and specialised in photography and established myself as a photographer. In the early days, this consisted primarily of documentary photography and renting myself to other studios to get jobs done. I learned to work fast. I shot pants, socks, towels, gardening tools, car rims, cakes, potatoes and packaging. You name it… I probably shot it.

Now, decades after starting my journey, I’ve become a perfectionist. I’ve worked with the biggest names in automotive, gas, financial and tech industries. These companies have come to trust my ability to make their ideas a reality.

I’m as eager to learn and improve my skills as when I was a youngster. That’s why I’ve trained myself in CGI - so I can make the images that capture the imagination, even if they are not possible in real life."

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