Frankfurt: Kombinatrotweiss

Kombinatrotweiss talents include:

  • Jojo Ensslin - Illustrator and film-maker, Jojo works conceptually to develop films, animatics and final illustrations.
  • IZABE.LA - Izabela illustrates in a modern way using classic tools to achieve a photo-realistic style.
  • Susan Hassmann - Susan's style is rich in detail, playful and exaggerated.
  • Nina Tiefenbach - Nina combines watercolours with filigree lines in an incomparably fantastic way. Her art has a special simplicity.
  • Matthias Schardt - Matthias has developed a style that is characterised both by an exciting line and psychological insight.
  • Inke Ehmsen - Inke combines classic free-hand drawing and digital computer work. Her motifs are full of joy, power and liveliness.
  • Gunter Rubin - His focus is vector, comic, icons, storyboard, layout and film. His style is versatile.
  • Michael Vestner - Michael likes technically complex illustrations, which often force reduction to the essentials without compromising attention to detail.
  • Daria Rychkova - Thoroughly knowledegable in design, Daria's numerous drawing skills and lively imagination deliver the tools for her extraordinary illustrations.
  • Nils Kasiske - His illustrations are imaginative and very precise. His spectrum includes both photo-realistic and complex technical drawings and vectors.
  • Sandra Beer - Sandra's preferred medium is India ink on paper. Her sketch-worlds are mainly built by hand and are intuitive, naive, playful and elegant.
  • Matthias Seifarth - Matthias' cartoons are very symbolic with a touch of humour and ambiguity. He creates incredibly strong characters with a unique style.

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