Bangkok: Ralf Tooten

Asked at which age he found out that he wanted to become a photographer, Ralf answers,” I was in my late teens when I met an architectural photographer and his assistant photographing a beautiful building in the city of cologne. At this times, photographer still used a huge technical cameras and had to cover the head with a black cloth, to be able to see the screen with the object. I got so impressed and interested of what he was doing, that I had to talk to them.” 

I learned that this photographer, as well as his wife, was dedicated architecture and portraits “masters” in photography. I was extremely lucky, that they gave me the chance to study and practice photography under their guidance during three years. Those years were very exciting and a perfect start into my lifelong journey as photographer."

These days, Ralf Tooten & Team is based in Bangkok and the most renowned luxury hotel groups, architecture companies and corporations around the world trust his expertise, his fresh and modern interpretation of the brand philosophy and visual materials for all channels.

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