New York: John Neitzel

New York City-based photographer John Neitzel specialises in location and interior photography, bringing a refreshing natural look to each photograph he creates.

Shooting professionally for nearly 20 years, John fell in love with the art in the 10th grade while living in Tokyo. “I was hooked after seeing my first image appear on photographic paper in my friend’s makeshift darkroom.” He began carrying a camera every day - his father worked for Eastman Kodak, so the photo supplies were always readily available.

After graduating from Kent State University with a degree in Photojournalism, John worked as an assistant and studio manager in Cleveland before moving to NYC in 1985. While an assistant to some of New York’s most creative and demanding photographers, John learned the insights to operating a creative business in NYC before opening his own studio in Tribeca.

Working in New York has provided John with many opportunities to apply his unique vision and explore the creative processes required for continued success in the industry. His ability to create inspiring images has earned him a loyal following and his client list continues to grow.

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