Barbados [Caribbean]: Barbados [Caribbean] : Caribbean Production Services Company

Barbados offers a great variety of locations, all in very close range: turquoise Caribbean seas, white palm beaches, cliffs, jungle, mountains, and a peaceful co-existence of luxury mansions and traditional colourful wood houses, gourmet restaurants and local rum shops, elegant golf resorts and fishing villages, bicycles and stretch limousines.

All-year shooting is possible, but best from October to August. There are daily direct flights from New York, Miami and all major European cities. Comfortable accommodation, professional crew, and reasonable production costs are on offer. There are no taxes, duties or deposits for temporary imports, nor location fees for public places and beaches.

The Caribbean Production Services Company has been registered and based in Barbados since 1998, offering production service for the entire Caribbean and Belize.

Company owner Ellen Hoch-Kramer, is a former advertising agency owner from Berlin. Her long term business experience and professional international and local team provide the background for successful productions in the whole Caribbean region.

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