: Cape Verde: Cape Verde Productions

Cape Verde Productions provides a full range of production services for a smooth and hassle free shoot, including accommodation, visas, transport, flights, models and an extensive database of varied locations. With the journey length, time difference and ever-increasing costs of shooting in South Africa, Miami and the Caribbean, Cape Verde's spectacular group of undiscovered islands offers a unique alternative.

Five and a half hours from the UK and the same latitude as Barbados, the islands are dubbed Europe's answer to the Caribbean. A captivating blend of African, Brazilian and Portuguese cultures, Cape Verde is a microcosm of destinations, each island (there are ten) offering its own uniqueness crammed full of character. Blessed with endless snow-white sands, 351 days of sunshine a year, cobbled streets buzzing with atmosphere, rustic makeshift shops painted in every colour and children playing impromptu games of football, it's easy to see why these unspoiled isles are the hottest buzzword in travel.

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