: Ibiza [Spain]: Mahaut

Ibiza is the southernmost of the Balearic Islands and undeniably one of the best places in Europe to shoot a commercial. If all the blues, turquoises and incredible clearness of the sea act as a backdrop to Ibiza, then the beaches, which line it, are its showcase.

The island is fortunate in its location, being close to the great capitals of Europe. The climate is exceptional with more than 220 days of sunshine in a year. Within a radius of less than 20 kilometres, Ibiza offers an impressive variety of scenery and architecture. Being an island, you can always arrange for the sun to be in the right position for photography. The light on Ibiza is unique for absence of pollution and the humidity in the air, giving a softness that enhances the qualities of the human skin and of the scenery.

Today, Ibiza has all the facilities needed for any successful production. The success of Mahaut Models - Ibiza's first children's model agency - is due to the professionalism of its children of every nationality whose 'art' of open air living and really relaxed attitude makes for great adaptability in the way they work.


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