Russia: Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production

Andy Fiord Photo & Film Production provides a full range of production services for both film and photo shoots all around the world.

"We love Paris and New York but home is still the sweetest place for us. Russia can easily boast with every type of locations you’re looking for: unique natural landscapes (for those who can’t pronounce the names of locations in Iceland), snow-covered cliffs (better than the Alps), sea coasts (for those who dream of Normandy but don’t like French), amazing Soviet architecture, ancient Orthodox temples and churches, luxury hotels and restaurants (say Hi to Gatsby). But today we would like to show you the palaces of St. Petersburg which could become the envy of Versailles! Every little stone here is full of Russian history and culture. Caviar tasting comes too as a special bonus!"

"The production team is amazing here. They're well-organised and fantastic!" Patrick Demarchelier.

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