The Americas: Red Creek Productions

Red Creek delivers production services for film, commercials and photography in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay and NYC. With people on the ground all over the hemisphere, Red Creek can help find the right location and execute the best possible plan for every production, anywhere in the Americas.

"The Americas all in a single call" means that a client only needs to make one call to analyze all options and get multiple budgets. With just one call information is handled efficiently without being 'dropped' in multiple repeated conversations. The client receives budgets in an identical format that can be rapidly compared side-by-side and evaluated in context with the available locations and local resources.

The company’s knowledge of climate zones, local resources and locations enables clients to analyze what is best for each project and where to find the best combination of locations and cost. In order to deliver on this promise the bidding process is overseen by the New York and Buenos Aires offices with active participation of local executive producers in each country. This way Red Creek ensures the timely and standardised delivery of bids from all territories and that those bids are not only comparable but also that they explore each option in depth and present each location in the best possible light.

The mission is to find the very best solution for each specific shoot wherever that may be. The Red Creek team has shot in over 20 countries in the hemisphere and has already made most mistakes - so you don't have to!

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