New Zealand - Australia - South Pacific: Our Production Team

"New Zealand - why wouldn't you?"

  • 1 country
  • 2 main islands
  • 268,000 km² of land
  • 4 major cities
  • 4.5 million people
  • 100s of beaches
  • 18 peaks over 3,000 metres
  • 20 forest parks
  • 3,000 glaciers
  • 14 national parks
  • 15 major wine regions
  • 4 seasons in 1 day’s maritime climate
  • 1-5 metres of snow
  • 2 location savvy producers
  • 1 full service production house

New Zealand has so much to offer, from stunning rugged mountainous landscapes and gorgeous sandy beaches through to spectacular geothermal and volcanic activity. One of New Zealand's most attractive features is that many of its natural environments are so close to each other that in a matter of hours you can be in a remote alpine area and, after only a short drive, relocate to a beautiful deserted beach.

Our Production Team (OPT) Executive Producers’ Rebecca Vaughan and Megan Wilkinson possess insider knowledge of New Zealand from Invercargill right through to Cape Reinga. As a full service production house specialising in stills photography, OPT offers outstanding production values and a wealth of experience to get the shot you want at the perfect location.

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